Grease Trap Sanitation Service

We are one of the registered “Waste Cooking Oils” (Grease Trap Waste only) collectors under the Environmental Protection Department. Proper recycling of WCO not only convert it into industrial products like biodiesel or soap etc., but also avoid environmental pollutions arising from improper handling of WCO.


Grease Trap is to intercept oil and grease from wastewater before they enter the communal sewer. Inspect the grease trap at least once every 3 days and clean it promptly if the contents show the top 30% of liquid depth occupied by greasy waste.


1. Open the grease trap cover to vacuum the grease

2. Use the high pressure gun to clean the residue

3. Clean the residue around the cover

4. Double check whether the grease in the tank or the cover is cleaned

5. Spray disinfection and deodorant to control germ and odor



  • Apply effective disinfection and deodorant to inhibit the growth of germ and odor
  • Provide a service certificate and disposal report to the customer


*Workflow may change depending on real situation