Do you use chemical agents for drainage? Would it harm the drains?

In any case, we will not use any chemical agents for drainage as it is corrosive; it may harm the drains and may cause health issue.

Leakage happen after cleaning the building drains. What should I do?

If the drains do not operate normally after cleaning, they may be damaged. We suggest conducting CCTV drainage inspection to check the condition of the drains, and then repair them.

Do you have potable water tank cleansing service?

Yes, cleansing the potable water tank is one of the confined space operation. We have the professional & qualified team to provide reliable services to customers.

How often should I check the septic tank?

Septic tank generally overflows from half to a year according to its capacity. If you notice slow toilets flush flow and foul smell, please contact us for the service immediately.

I need to work every day, could the service hour of septic tank cleaning dovetail with my schedules?

We have dawn and midnight service which is convenient to the person who work in office hour, kindly contact us for enquiry.

I live in a remote area, could you come and clean my septic tanks as well?

We provide different size of vacuum pumping vehicles and the hose could be extended up to 1,000 feet. So, our equipment could reach most of the village houses even if they are in remote area or with inconvenient transportation.

How often should I clean the grease trap?

Generally, the grease trap should be inspected at least once every three days and clean it promptly if the contents show the top 30% of liquid depth occupied by greasy waste.

If there is only a small amount of grease waste build up in grease trap every week, should we ignore it?

If there is only a small amount of grease waste or the surface layer is liquid oil only, the grease trap may not function effectively; you may need to replace it if necessary.

If our company need to submit documents to relevant government departments to prove the discharged sewage has reached the relevant standards, could you provide it?

We can charge d'affaires the sewage testing service and provide the relevant reports to our customers. We also provide the drainage report which is approved by the Drainage Services Department. Please contact us for more information.